FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY / role: Concepting & Writing

In the dead end sun-scorched town of Alamogordo NM, lives LEO, a 17-year-old vegan pothead BMX wizard whose elder brother and hero BERNIE died under mysterious circumstances during a drought years before. Leo’s life gets disrupted once again and his plans of escaping to California with his girlfriend JUSTINE to start a BMX career have to take a back seat when JACK, a creepy exotic animal smuggler - and the chief suspect in his brother’s death - comes back to town.
Looking for answers and revenge, Leo and his loyal BMX buddies RAY and CHICO end up getting into a risky and intense journey. In order to put the missing pieces of the past together, the kids have to go to weird places, like a secret drug dealer's house hidden inside a shady shooting club, and meet strange Alamogordo inhabitants like HANNAH, a shamanic American Indian ex-biker chick.
After everything that makes sense to Leo is put at stake and one last clue is found, the kid still finds strength to conceive a wild, high stakes scheme, battling bizarre characters and concocting crazy capers to once for all get the even crazier Jack. In a climatic showdown, after almost being killed by one of the dangerous smuggled animals, amongst other perils, Leo confronts Jack. And finally, a truth as unexpected as it is tragic is revealed and Leo must settle all debts before Justine leaves to California without him.

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